Content Aggregation

Over the years, I have written articles for a number of sites. This master post collects links to all of those articles, for further reference. Forces of Geek Need Coffee The Hooded Utilitarian Comics Workbook Comics DC Capsule reviews of European comic shops My ongoing re-read of Heavy Metal magazine

SPX 2014

All I ever write about on here is SPX. Of course, that’s mostly because SPX is the fall harvest festival directly before the Fiscal New Year – and I like to keep my thoughts about it someplace permanent instead of a blink and forget it stream of consciousness site like Tumblr. This year’s SPX was…Read more

SPX 2013

In the hours after the show ended, I told Sam Marx (one of the organizers) that SPX is my favorite holiday, better than Christmas. I was not being hyperbolic – SPX is, far and away, the most anticipated event on my calendar. Everything in my life gets organized around it. Backing up and thinking about…Read more

SPX 2012

As we were eating dinner on Sunday night after the show, my wife pointed out that the last post on this site is last year’s SPX wrapup. Whoops. In the week leading up to the show, I did the math and figured out this was my tenth visit to SPX, five years as a vendor…Read more