Comics theory


To me, publishing is three distinct pieces: production, marketing and distribution. Production is basically everything up to and including printing. Marketing is telling people about your product, which you can actually do while it is in production. And distribution is about getting your product to people. An easy way to think of it is that…Read more

Watch for patterns

For some reason, I’ve always seen post-modernism, slipstream and metafiction as different facets of a single premise. There’s also a distinct Dadaist/collage thing going on there, too. An echo of the “modernism” bit, perhaps? Warren Ellis once described Iain banks as being a man “who writes across genre boundaries as if they did not exist.”…Read more

On audience

Several months ago, I was asked “what is your audience?” and I didn’t have a ready answer. The other day, I was asked “what are you trying to tell your audience [with your cover design]?” which I felt begged the question of what my audience is. Again. This time, I had my marketing specialist at…Read more