Proof of Concept
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Gods without worshipers have been known to do stupid things to get worshipers. Sometimes they go so far as to promote new gods and new mythologies, just to see if it can be done. Sometimes these proof of concept experiments work in unexpected ways.

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One of the most famous examples is Dewayne, the monorail. An entire religion was formed around his single miraculous exploit – his marriage to a mortal woman.

As is customary in these cases, the main ceremony of the Church of the Monorail was a re-enactment of the circumstances of the marriage. Over time, this re-enactment became a lavish affair, with multiple scene changes and a pit orchestra.

To emphasize the lessons of the ceremony, a souvenir liturgy was introduced that allowed the congregation to read along with the actors on stage as they went through the motions of the ritual.

Proof of Concept is a reprint of one of the best-known souvenir liturgies, painstakingly recreated from one of six extant mint condition copies.

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