Stephanie Doesn't Asnwer the Phone Anymore
Stephanie Doesn

Stephanie was very happy with her job. Her boss was an eccentric artist, but all she had to do was do some light filing, answer the phones and explain why she couldn’t fax the occasional painting to Singapore.

Then one day he gave her job away to an old college friend of his, simply because of a ten-year-old promise. In retribution, Stephanie stole his credit card and went on vacation in Italy.

She was having a great time until her credit cards got canceled in Florence. Now she’s stuck in Europe with no money, a pile of Louis Voutton luggage and only the vaguest idea of what to do next.

Stephanie Doesn’t Answer the Phone Anymore chronicles her extended tour of the stranger destinations of Europe and beyond, as she tries to gain some stability in her life and figure out where she’s going to get her next meal.

Stephanie is a naive and hurt young woman who takes off to Europe with her boss’ credit cards when he lets her go. The story opens just as the credit card cash flow has been cut-off and Stephanie is stranded in Europe without money, home, job, etc. Stephanie (and the reader) is thrown into an adventure that leads through several countries, relationships, growing experiences and sexually deviant encounters. On top of all that, the air is full of mystery and intrigue.

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